5 Things You Need to Know About Technology in Australia Today

5 Things You Need to Know About Technology in Australia Today

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Happy morning! Tuesday means it’s time to read up About Technology in Australia Today news. There are five things that you should be aware of, and they are as follows:

1. The quest for information and accuracy undertaken by Twitter

In its most recent annual transparency report for 2022, Twitter reaffirms its dedication to becoming a platform that is genuine, educational, entertaining, and trustworthy. The study provides tactics to counter disinformation while avoiding diving into particular countermeasures. It provides information about Community Notes and Twitter’s new verification mechanism, both of which try to stop the spread of misleading information. In the meanwhile, TikTok’s transparency report provided further information on their initiatives.

2. Australia is on pace to fulfill its goal for IT jobs

According to the Tech Council of Australia’s most recent report, Australia is making steady progress toward its goal of delivering 1.2 million tech job positions by the year 2030. The most recent data on Tech jobs Update indicates that 10,500 new posts were added in the sector over the course of the preceding three months. As of February 2023, Australia has 935,000 people employed in the technology sector, which is 78% of the goal that was set by 2030.

3. ANZ investigates generative AI for testing code

The AI technique has been used by ANZ for code testing, and there are plans to investigate further use cases. Tim Hogarth, the bank’s chief technology officer, expressed enthusiasm about generative AI’s potential advantages for ANZ and the larger industry. The goal of this preliminary investigation is to greatly increase ANZ’s engineers’ productivity and usher in a new era of code testing.

4. Plans for a second foldable gadget from Google are scrapped

On the Made by Google Podcast, it was revealed in an unexpected way that Google had originally planned to offer a second folding gadget in addition to the Google Pixel Fold. Ivy Ross, Google’s director of design for hardware products, acknowledged that the product didn’t live up to their standards of excellence. We were intrigued as to what the gadget may have been since the team chose to concentrate on making something better than the available possibilities.

5. Nvidia and MediaTek collaborate on automotive technologies

Reuters reports that Nvidia and MediaTek have partnered to create cutting-edge auto entertainment systems. These technologies will make it possible to broadcast video games and use artificial intelligence in driver-interaction applications. In order to create processors for cars, MediaTek will use software and GPUs from Nvidia. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang expressed confidence in the partnership and said that the combined capabilities of both businesses would provide partners in the automotive sector a strong basis.

Additionally, we can’t help but imagine what the future of the social media team for 5 Things from Telstra would look like.

I hope your next day is wonderful!

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