Real America's Voice Probes Interview with Trump-Like AI for Authenticity

Real America’s Voice Probes Interview with Trump-Like AI for Authenticity

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Real America’s Voice, a well-known pro-Trump news network, is at the center of a peculiar and somewhat perplexing controversy in a media landscape where discussions of politics and personalities predominate. The network recently broadcast an audio-only interview featuring hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head engaging with an individual claiming to be none other than former President Donald Trump. As a result of the controversy and skepticism surrounding this encounter, Robert J. Sigg, the network’s founder, announced an internal investigation into the interview’s veracity, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

The interview, which lasted approximately 17 minutes, featured the individual posing as “Trump” articulating familiar themes, including allegations of corruption against President Joe Biden and insinuations of a sweeping conspiracy against his own legacy. Yet, what immediately drew attention was the erratic and glitch-ridden quality of the voice, characterized by multiple audio disruptions.

When the interview was uploaded to Rumble, a video-sharing platform, a wave of skepticism swept through the comments section. Viewers questioned the veracity of the interview, with remarks like “That doesn’t sound like my president?” and “That sounds nothing like Trump. He is slurring his words. Cadence is wrong. Diction is wrong. Tone is wrong” dominating the discussion. Some even speculated that the voice might belong to an artificial intelligence entity.

Robert J Sigg, in a conversation with The Daily Beast, humorously dubbed the situation “ChatGOP,” a playfully allusive nod to the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT. He later stated that the network is committed to conducting a comprehensive investigation in order to verify the authenticity of the interview.

Despite the mounting doubts, host John Solomon staunchly defended the legitimacy of the conversation, asserting that it was an authentic dialogue with the former President. Solomon claimed that the interview had been meticulously arranged in advance with the cooperation of Trump’s team, underscoring that the discussions had occurred in the proper context.

Solomon adamantly declared, “It’s not AI; it was President Trump. You can call the staff and verify it yourself. It was undeniably President Trump, without a shadow of a doubt.”

As of the time of this report, no representative for Donald Trump had responded to Insider’s request for comment, which was submitted outside of regular working hours. Additionally, there had been no official statements from Trump’s team confirming or disputing the veracity of the interview.

However, on Truth Social, the social media platform associated with the former president, a brief snippet of the interview was shared.

It’s important to acknowledge that various AI-generated Trump impersonations are accessible online, and digital simulations of his voice have been employed in the past for various purposes. In a notable instance from July, a political action committee supporting Governor Ron DeSantis‘ presidential campaign acknowledged the utilization of “technology” to replicate the former president’s voice in an advertisement, echoing statements he had made on Truth Social.

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