How to Use AI as Shopping Assistant and Save Time and Money

How to Use AI as Shopping Assistant & Save Time and Money

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In today’s episode of On Tech: A.I., we’ll go deep into the fascinating realm of AI as Shopping Assistant. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to completely alter the way we buy and help us make better selections in less time.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Market Analysis

The most time-consuming aspect of buying is often doing the necessary research. It might be a time-consuming process to go through a number of reviews in order to choose the best product. But have no dread! Conversational AI is here to make things easier for everyone.

Bing from Microsoft, Bard from Google, and ChatGPT from OpenAI are all potent product research tools. These chatbots provide timely product suggestions while saving you time.

The correct suggestion might help you achieve your goals faster. Say you want to buy a coffee bean grinder for your French press but don’t want to spend more than $200. Please recommend a high-quality French press coffee bean grinder. No more than $200 is acceptable. Bing and Bard will compile a list of suitable grinders for you.

Even more complicated queries, such as which home appliances are most trustworthy, may be directed at the chatbots. As an example, you may say, “Help out in a store.” Where can I find a refrigerator? What are the most dependable brands, and which models of refrigerators do they make? The chatbots’ advice will be backed by reputable publications like Consumer Reports and the Wirecutter section of The New York Times.

Verify the correctness of the suggestions by checking them again. The ease with which the ideas made by chatbots may be checked with a short online search, however, is unrivaled.

Using AI to Simplify Grocery Shopping

The automated and efficient grocery store of the future is here. Plug-ins like those provided by OpenAI’s ChatGPT make online shopping more convenient. These extensions, which are now only accessible to ChatGPT Plus members, provide a wealth of new options for the discriminating buyer.

If you are a ChatGPT Plus customer, you may use the following procedures to access all of the plugins available to you:

  • Enter the ChatGPT configuration screen.
  • Choose the “beta features” option.
  • Install and activate all available “plugins.”
  • Launch ChatGPT on your device.
  • To access plugins, choose the GPT-4 tab.
  • To learn more about the available plugins, go to the plugin shop.

Let’s begin with Instacart, a mobile app that offers grocery delivery. Imagine you need a recipe and a list of ingredients to make spaghetti Bolognese. Entering “I am making pasta Bolognese” will do the trick. How do I make this, and what do I need? You may get the recipe and a shopping list from the chatbot.

The ability to accommodate certain diets is yet another great use of the plugin. Let’s say you’re cooking for a pescatarian. You may use the chatbot like this: “I am cooking for a pescatarian. Can you recommend a dish and provide the necessary fixings? The bot will suggest a dish, such as lemon garlic butter shrimp, and provide a shopping list for making it.

If you click on the list of items, you’ll be sent to Instacart to place your order. There, you may easily fill your shopping basket and choose a retailer from which to make your purchase.

You can still use A.I. to your advantage while grocery shopping, even if you don’t have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. You may get a recipe and a list of the ingredients that you will need to purchase at the shop by using Bing. You may even tell it to sort the list of groceries by supermarket.

Smarter trip preparation thanks to AI

You can use AI for more than simply looking up reviews and making purchases. It may also be relied upon as a reliable travel partner. The finest deals for your next vacation may be found quickly and simply with add-ons from leading travel sites like Kayak and Expedia.

Let’s say you want to find highly rated hotels that are conveniently located near Florence, Italy’s top sights, in the month of July. The Expedia add-on will save you time that you would have spent reading reviews and examining maps. Just punch in, “I’ll be in Florence, Italy, starting in July.” Help me locate a hotel that has received positive reviews and is close to area landmarks. I can only spend $500 each night. The chatbot will provide you with a list of the best hotels in the area, including the Central Market and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, that have received a rating of 9 or above on Expedia.

Flights may also be searched for with the help of the Expedia add-on. Let’s say you want to go from San Francisco to Milan on July 28 but just want to have a couple of hours of downtime between flights. “I’m trying to get a flight from San Francisco to Milan, Italy, on July 28,” you may type into ChatGPT. How can I make the most of my time during my layovers?” The quickest flight options will be loaded from Expedia into the chatbot.

There are flights available from KLM, Delta, and United, all with a maximum of a two-hour stopover. (I should mention that I attempted the identical queries on Bard and Bing, but they returned results that were both generic and offered incorrect ticket pricing.)

You may save time and effort while arranging a trip by using artificial intelligence (AI) and its associated add-ons.

Embracing AI as Shopping Assistant

In conclusion, AI has tremendous potential as a helpful tool in the retail industry. Artificial intelligence chatbots and plug-ins may revolutionize the way you buy anything from products to groceries to vacations.

The ideal coffee grinder streamlined supermarket shopping, and an unforgettable vacation are all within reach with the help of artificial intelligence. Accept the benefits of artificial intelligence to improve your shopping experience.

Keep in mind that AI is always making leaps and bounds forward. Keep abreast of the newest information and welcome the opportunities that A.I. purchasing presents. Have fun with your new AI shopper!

In this piece, we discussed the many applications of AI in the retail industry. Chatbots and add-ons powered by artificial intelligence make it easier to compare prices, read product reviews, and generally buy with less hassle. AI has the ability to completely alter the way we buy anything from products to groceries to vacations. Then why not make artificial intelligence your best shopping friend?

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